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December 31, 2017

Welcome to the Year of Saturn! I'm posting this right on New Year’s Eve from India. I'm spending time with my favorite teacher of all things Saturn. This is the only place on earth I love to get up before sunrise. Austerities can feel like pure bliss when your heart is fully committed. This is the key to workign with the energies of Saturn.

We begin 2018 right on a Full Moon in Cancer opposite Saturn and Venus in Capricorn. It’s an interesting mix of hyper-sensitivity and self-defense. How to gush but still retain your boundaries? How to ask for what you need without fear of seeming too needy or triggering your fear of rejection? How to be vulnerable and self-possessed at the same time? How to balance self-care, family and your emotional needs with the incessant demands of career in an uber competitive, social-media driven crazy world? These are the questions we’re grappling with now under this lunation.

You’ve probably heard that the way you start your year often sets the tone and the template for the duration. If you’d like to work with the energies of the cosmos, rather than against them look to balancing the Cancer-Capricorn polarity in your psyche and your life. Look to which houses these signs rule in your horoscope. If you don’t know, book a private session with me for guidance into the New Year. If you’re ready to dive in and do the real work of Saturn, please join me and Kiki Flynn, Wellness Coach to the stars (including Madonna) for a very powerful 40-Day journey under the wisdom of Saturn, revealing all of his secrets for success. Once you have Saturn as an ally, you truly can move the mountains in your life. LAST 24 HOURS TO JUMP IN. There is only one Diamond package left at the time of this posting, but you can still get in on the others that include discounted readings while they last:


Horoscopes for the Week of January 1st, 2018


Welcome to 2018, Aries! You’re feeling all of the feels from the get-go compliments of a Full Moon in your house of home and nostalgia. Everyone around is quite touchy-feely and a bit hypers-sensitive to boot. Plus, all of your own emotional triggers are getting set off one by one. Tuesday brings a powerful shift with Uranus coming-out of retrograde in your stars. The urge to surge is there. Watch for jumping into something risky just for the thrill of it. The Sun and Venus light up the tip-top of your chart for the next few weeks. Your career is shining brightly. What a wonderful way to start the New Year, luv!


All feelings are go this week, Taurus. You might be wondering if 2018 is going to be one of the most emotional years ever based on the starting note. Everyone is especially sensitive and reactive due to Monday’s Full Moon. Don’t get caught up in the moods and grouchiness of others. You’re too calm and peaceful to get pulled into the drama. Choose your battles carefully, because Mars is still raging in your opposite stars and putting your partnerships to the test. Conflict-resolution is a combination of peace, patience and passion. Your next travel adventure looms large at the close of the week, so start plotting.


It’s officially 2018 and what an emotional whirlwind it is about to be, Gemini. When you are full of feelings, it affects your spending patterns. Monday’s Full Moon lights up your financial sector and could have you blowing the bank responding to emotional whims. Watch how closely connected your moods and your money can be. Avoid indulging and fears or insecurities with the planets lighting up the part of your psyche where you prefer to hide them away. If you feel like a bit of a control freak, it’s probably a reaction to not wanting to feel something. Focus on feelings just as much as facts.


2018 starts off in your cozy corner, Cancer. Yep. Monday brings a Full Moon in your very own stars to set the year off right. Your feelings are strong and your need to be with those you love overwhelming. Let your inner mush shine. It’s actually the part of you that others so adore.Your sensitivities could be peaking as a result of the current stars, so give yourself a break. Probably to avoid emotional triggers now just for good measure. Feelings can escalate quickly and the last thing you want is to feel pushed back into your defensive shell.


Cheers to 2018, Leo! Don’t let the hyper-emotional tone of Monday’s Full Moon steer you wrong. It won’t be an entire year of wanting to cry into your champagne. Everyone is feeling extremely sensitive under the current stars, so you’re not alone. You’re likely feeling less social and more in need of inner reflection and catching up with all that went down over 2017. Let yourself drift and dream. Extra beauty rest might be exactly what the doctor ordered this week. There’s tons of work keeping you busy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t schedule in more downtime. It helps that you’ll likely love all of your work plans and projects going forward.


2018 is devoted to your long-term dreams, Virgo. Monday’s Full Moon lights up your goals and success sector and has your emotionally revved up on accomplishing your biggest plans ever. You still have the whole New Year ahead of you, so don’t panic. Plus, there is so much goodness to focus on romantically, that you can’t get too swept up in your ongoing quest for mega-success. Romance is where your heart is. The big energetic shift of the week is Uranus, the planet of unexpected jolts and epiphanies coming out of retrograde on Tuesday. Life could take a sudden turn and truly start to build up some serious momentum.


Enter 2018, the year where home and family rule your world. Monday’s Full Moon brings so many feelings to the surface that you might feel a bit out of balance. Trying to find the perfect flow between career and home demands is a constant struggle, but nothing you can’t master in the New Year. As long as you don’t get too carried away with the emotional scenes around you, you’ll find your way. It’s actually an amazing week for a breakthrough with relationships. Uranus, the planet of unexpected awakenings is coming out of retrograde in your partnership zone this week. This can quickly bring reversals in your current relationship script. You’ve been learning how to stay true to yourself no matter what, even if it means fear of losing the connection.


Happy 2018, Scorpio! Monday’s Full Moon could lead you into thinking that this will be a moody and emotionally charged year. You thrive in emotional storms. Feelings are definitely a major theme, but let’s not forget you have lucky Jupiter backing your stars through next November. This week you’re completing a story that started last summer. Let yourself feel all of it, even the mushy and nostalgic pieces. Mindfulness and meditation are also big themes for 2018. You’re realizing how powerful your thoughts are in creating everything around you. Uranus comes out of retrograde in your work zone this week, so watch for some totally unexpected news and potential reversals with projects.


It’s a New Year, baby! Don’t let the emotional storminess of Monday’s Full Moon fool you. There are amazing and uplifting new stories in the making for you, Sadge. Let yourself be nostalgic to clear your system of it early on in 2018. Others could seem especially touchy and hyper-reactive at the moment. If you can’t have a good laugh about it, move on. Just because they insist on taking life too seriously, doesn’t mean you must. Your better off focusing on finances as it’s a theme for the entire year with Saturn pressing you to get your money together. Watch for a bizarre plot twist in your love life this week. Uranus, the planet of surprises and breakthroughs is coming out of retrograde in your house of love and pleasure. A love story could suddenly catch fire.


2018 is screaming you, Capricorn! That’s because the planets are stacking up in your stars with the presence of your ruling planet, Saturn there for the first time in nearly thirty-years. The stakes are sky-high now, darling. You know it’s your year to live up to your highest potential. On another topic, relationships are reaching a dramatic and emotional head now. The Full Moon on Monday lights up your opposite sign and partnership zone to create loads of feelings and needs. You’re not comfortable admitting the gushy shadow side of your personality, but when it strikes, it makes you quite irresistible. Go for the conversations that release all of the emotions. You’re feeling less cautious and guarded than normal compliments of Uranus coming out of retrograde and pushing to act on your impulses.


Hello 2018, Aquarius! We start off with a Full Moon in your work zone. No wonder you feel that hit the ground running sensation even though the year has barely begun. Others may be caught in one emotional drama after another this week, but you’ll have no time to get pulled into the fray. Your current projects will demand all that you’ve got. Plus, your friends are also needing heaps from you now. Watch for saying things you’ll regret later. You don’t have much of a filter this week with your modern ruler, Uranus coming out of retrograde in your communication zone. You say exactly what’s on your mind, but not always what you really feel.


Welcome to the year of feelings, Pisces. Yes, 2018 could easily be chalked up as one of the most emotional, ever. Especially if the Full Moon on Monday is any indicator of the rest to follow. You’re totally in your watery and sensitive element, so there’s nothing to worry about. Others can feel reactive and touchy, but for you this is sheer poetry and glamour. Plus, Monday’s Full Moon sets a fabulously romantic tone for the entire week. The only caution is to watch your money closely on Tuesday as some unexpected surprise could ensue with Uranus, the wild card planet coming out of retrograde in your finance house. This could be the reversal you’ve been waiting for.

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