October 08, 2017

The entire world seems to be burning, and many of us feel helpless as we watch the conflagration get ever higher. This is the story of the Full Moon in Aries of just a few days ago — but crisis doesn’t have to be our denouement — we are more powerful than we know, and the stars are trying to show us exactly how.


During this past week we’ve witnessed the spiraling humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico and the worst mass shooting in American history. Adding insult to injury is the abject failure and ineptitude of an executive branch that is supposed to protect us, to parent us through crisis. Instead it’s a reality tv show of buffoonery and abject cruelty.


We’re staring into the bald, raw, angry face of Toxic Masculinity. It is the reason our culture is is in constant crisis. Attacking women, the poor, the marginalized, a San Juan mayor who dared to be both strong and female at the same time — that is the MO of the toupee-wearing bully whose terror of emasculation is the reigning archetype of our times.


The latter part of the week was marked by out of control, unconscious Mars energy (the ruler of Aries) running rampant. First the story of the GOP congressman who told his mistress to get an abortion while fighting against reproductive rights. Next the decades-delayed expose of Harvey Weinstein’s disgusting sexual predation, an open secret in Hollywood and New York. He got away with this because of his money and power, just like Trump. On Friday the administration told American women that we’re too promiscuous to deserve birth control, and that by taking this right away from us, they will teach us a lesson about “risky” sex.


If you feel utterly exhausted, like you’re living in a real world Handmaid’s Tale, you’re not alone. We knew when we conceived of the next incarnation of Project 40 that we’d enter a crucible of Mars energy — starting with the Full Moon in Aries to the entry of Jupiter into Scorpio and ending with a clean slate on the New Moon in Scorpio. We knew that working with these archetypal energies would be challenging and transformative. We knew we’d be asking people to face their own traumas and transmute them into blazing creative power. But we underestimated how loud and glaringly obvious the cultural metaphors would be. It’s as if the stars are screaming LOOK AT THIS. CHANGE THIS. NOW OR NEVER.


This admonition is hitting the news cycle over and over and over like repeated rounds from an assault rifle. We need to do this work right now.


We hope you’ll join us for Project 40: 37:: Mars: Incendiary Initiation, where we’ll dance in the flames of Toxic Masculinity, making the unconscious conscious and transforming our lives and our world simultaneously.
PS: We’re donating ten percent of our earnings to relief work in Puerto Rico through the Hispanic Federation (recommended by Lin-Manuel Miranda). Last few days to jump in:




We begin the week with the Venus (in Virgo) Square Saturn (in Sagittarius) square. This is the "Is your love strong enough" test of tests. Depending on where the Virgo-Sagittairus axis falls in your own horoscope is where you feel the test of commitment. Overdoing it with your commitments, biting off more than you can chew in typical Sagittarius style? Working yourself to the bone in typical workaholic Virgo style? Reaching extreme burnout now and just wanting to hide under the covers with some cookies and milk in typical Cancer style? These are the competing energies of the week. Now add the dramatic and dark entrance of Jupiter entering Scorpio on Tuesday for the first time in twelve years. Are you ready for the deep dive? You won't excavate the real riches without getting your hands dirty and digging into your very own shadow material over the next year. More for each sign and rising sign below.

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