Weekly Horoscopes for the Week of January 16th, 2017

January 17, 2017


This week starts off with a Mars-Chiron conjunction in Pisces and builds up to the Mars-Saturn square. The tide continues to be high and we're on the brink of a major watershed in our personal, professional and political lives. The Sun will shift into Aquarius right on the 4th Quarter Moon on Thursday (same day as the Mars-Saturn square). After working on building projects and strengthening our integrity over the Capricorn cycle, we're ready to raise a little Cain now, especially to protect our freedom. We've learned the rules during Capricorn, and now we're ready to break them when necessary to shake up an archaic and potentially fascist status quo. Aquarius fights for the good of the whole, realizing that we are all in this together.

Look to the Sagittarius and Pisces areas of your  horoscope for the greatest tension and potential consciousness/breakthroughs this week. Integrating the your highest truth and vision with the deepest longings of your soul is where it's at now. Both Mars in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius are answering to Jupiter in Libra, the sign of Justice. We're at a monumental moment in history, where we must passionately cling to truth, unconditional love, self-care and JUSTICE FOR ALL.


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16-22 January, 2017


Too much work and no play, makes Aries one very grumpy gal, indeed. After piles of work you’re in dire need of the social. Luckily, the Sun comes to the rescue after Wednesday. Career has been rewarding but demanding (and a bit exhausting with the past few week’s of Mercury Retrograde). Now you can get back to networking and time with your mates. You’ll also be more tuned into your long-term goals, dreams and wishes between now and February 18th. Collaborations are an excellent idea now, especially if team up with someone who balances out your strengths and weaknesses. Success is calling!


The Sun moves up to the top of your chart this week and lights up your career zone for a month . This is fabulous for getting back in touch with your career mojo and worldly plans. In fact, professional perfection will be the focus for the next several weeks. The more experimental and future-forward your approach, the higher level the success, Taurus. Don’t be afraid to let go of your comfort zone because awesomeness awaits you just on the other side of safety. This weekend is perfect for intimate one-on-one time with your favorite human. Nix the group scene from Friday on as you’ll be wanting more depth.


You might feel like a Hermit on Monday but you’ll be a party animal by Friday, darling! The feelings of wanting to be alone are transitory. You’ll be back in the love buzz after Tuesday. Plus, keep that passport at the ready as travel fever hits you hard this week, Gemini. The Sun changes signs on Wednesday into Aquarius and lights up your adventure zone. Your restlessness will make it hard for you to sit still as you have foreign, exotic and warm countries on the brain. Friends play a crucial role in furthering your career goals now, so stay open to any and all invites. Even if you feel like staying home, don’t pass up a chance to socialize this weekend.


You’re still digesting last week’s Full Moon fervor in your very own stars. Give yourself time for all of the feelings to settle and make sense. Use the first part of the time for writing, journaling and all forms of correspondence. On Wednesday, the Sun shifts out of your relationship zone and lights up the area of your life having to do with intimacy and deep personal change. You are ready to experiment and take risks when in the past you would have been more inclined to hide in your shell. Your social life also gets a sweet boost. You’ll especially enjoy time with your mates over the next few weeks.


Relationships move into the top priority this zone and replace your recent work obsession, Leo. The first part of the week bodes well for financial matters. You can get grounded in the details of your finances and finally get back into alignment for the upcoming tax season. After Wednesday, relationship themes take top priority in your world. Just don’t get so focused on the needs and wants of others that you lose yourself. Leo. You have such a generous heart that you forget when to draw the line. This weekend is ideal for solo time in your favorite cave of choice. You want depth and intimacy now.


This week starts off totally on your side. Literally as the Moon moves through your fabulous stars until Tuesday. Get a head start as you so adore, and the rest of the week will be seamless. You’ll be sad to see the Sun leave your romance sector on Wednesday, but now you’ll have the good vibes taking place in your world of work, health and rituals. You”ll get a new boost of energy and inspiration to turn your daily to-do list into a fantastic itinerary of experimentation and fun. Get grounded in your finances on Tuesday and Wednesday and catch up on communication on Wednesday and Thursday.


Romance is totally surrounding this week, Libra. You’ll come out of hiding and home-body mode by Wednesday. The Sun will now light up your house of romance and creativity for the next few weeks. You’ll be feeling back in your social butterfly best, especially mid-week. The Moon will light up your stars Tuesday through Thursday, so work those charms and flirt your heart out, darling. The weekend is the optimal time to play catch-up on any lingering financial messes that you carried over from 2016. You thrive when your life is flowing and in balance, especially in the money department.


You’re so private, Scorpio! You might think you’re totally hidden and safely tucked away in your favorite secret spot, but your friends want and need you. Get your social obligations out of the way early on in the week because you’ll be so ready to retreat after Wednesday. You’re on the verge of a four week phase when you need to withdraw from the world in order to plot, plan, experiment and get your bigger goals on point. The Moon will light up your intense stars just in time for the weekend to put you totally in your passionate element from Friday through next week.


Communication is non-stop and demands your full attention this week, Sagittarius. You may need someone to remind you to get off your gadgets at select intervals to save your sanity and your texting fingers. Too much screen time simply isn’t fabulous for your health. Tuesday and Wednesday are super social but also bring opportunities to work on your balancing skills. The toggle between self-care and worldly demands is an ongoing dance, but you can totally master it. Taskmaster Saturn has been showing the ropes for two years now. It’s all about streamlining and prioritizing. Take time out to retreat to your ideal place of solitude over the weekend.


The Sun is getting ready to leave your pragmatic stars this week on Wednesday, Capricorn. Use your final few days to maximize your solar power by amping up your self-expression, creativity and vitality in that grand finale kind of way. The new phase is not so shabby anyway, as now you’ll have the Sun illuminating your money zone for the next few weeks. Finances take your top attention going forward. You can enthusiastically zero in on your spending, earning and saving patterns and make those desired changes. Think radical for best results as your eccentric side serves you well when it comes to money.


Gear up for a monumental week, darling! The Sun moves into your eclectic stars on Wednesday for the next few weeks. It’s officially your birthday season too, so get you celebration on! It could feel like you’re coming out of a long, drawn-out tunnel but you’ll adore the energy on the other side of Wednesday. Your desire to travel is back as well. You won’t feel that recent restraint when you go to book your itinerary. Unexpected but fantastic career opportunities abound towards the end of the week, so keep your ears to the ground for something amazing.


Relationships are so all consuming at the start of the week, Pisces. Plus, you’re just coming down from a super social time that started last month. The sensitive, emphatic side of your personality will welcome a little downtime to catch up with your soul again. That break officially arrives on Wednesday when the Sun changes signs and illuminates your world of sleep, dreams and retreat. Friends will still try lure you out of introvert mode, but resist, resist, resist. Commit to extra beauty rest, Netflix and meditation over the next month for a life that you’ll love. Glamour and experimentation are also in the air now.

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