Weekly Horoscopes for the Week of July 17th, 2017

July 17, 2017

Our final days of the Sun and Mars riding through Cancer during the waning lunar phase. There's a lot of emotional clearing going on in preparation for next week's New Moon in Leo and next month's fiery Leo eclipse cycle. This week's Last Quarter Moon cycle in Aries reminds us that endings are also beginnings and that not everything happens on the timing our ego would demand. Patience and waiting strengthen us. Jumping the gun just leads to more cleanup and revision later on. Check your Sun and Rising sign below for more....


It's you, you and more you this week, Aries. The current Last Quarter Moon cycle falls in your very own stars and reminds you of the power of new beginnings. You just wrapped up quite an intense phase of gutting out all of the muck from your world. Initiate new plans with utmost sincerity and intention as you prepare for a brand new love cycle starting next week. This is the week for getting grounded and clear about what you want and do not want moving forward. Make those calls and keep the energy moving forward now. Can you feel the creative surge about to break?



Something major is ending and something brand new is just about to begin. You’re coming home to your creative roots this week, Taurus. Strength, confidence and personal power are on the rise over the next few weeks, so dump out all of those residual fears and insecurities now. The Moon will move through your stars at the beginning of the week to help you ground and remember what you love. Linger in the beauty, darling. Rushing only makes you cranky and unfocused. There’s absolutely no need for that under the current waning moon. Next week is when the energy returns in full force.


Conversations, texting and every other form of speaking your mind is highlighted this week, Gemini. You’re starting to wonder when life will slow down and give you a break to catch up. It will in due course, but first there’s just a lot going on. This week’s Last Quarter Moon phase has you surrounded by friends and potential new collaborators vying for your time. Running around and making connections is something that comes naturally to you. In fact, you thrive when you are free to roam and flirt with others without too much pressure or attachment. That said, you’re also thinking long-term goals and how to up your game in terms of awards and other worldly accolades now.


The Sun is about to leave your sweet and sentimental Cancer stars after Saturday, so make it a finale to remember! You’re about to move from family and feelings to money and grounding over the next few weeks. But first, it’s about coming back to your core self, Cancer. You are wrapping up and digesting all that you have learned since last month’s New Moon in Cancer. You are balancing home, career, self and other like a pro. You’re also in touch with the bigger picture and taking your career goals to the next level over the next few weeks. Now that the emotional storms are subsiding a bit, you can relax and focus on the basics like playing the bills and proper self-care.


You’re coming back into your shine this week, Leo. You’ve been feeling a bit underground and moody over the past few weeks (read: hidden) and will joyfully welcome the return of the Sun coming home to your stars starting this Saturday. You’re back on your proper throne and in the limelight where you belong. Now that you feel your confidence coming back full force, you’re ready to tackle anything. This week’s Last Quarter Lunar phase is excellent for long-distance travel and rethinking your core philosophy. Are you living your truth, Leo? Do you respect your mentors and teachers who came before you?


Plenty is shifting faster than you can even organize it this week, Virgo. Part of the problem is that you can’t quite see or foretell what is changing yet sense the ground unsteady beneath your feet. Let go of the details for the moment and get back to your instincts and intentions, love. This week’s Last Quarter Moon cycle will help you shed bad habits, attachments and other patterns that you have been trying to let go of for months if not years. Why drag the old into another summer just to clog up the joy? After the 22nd, you’ll be ready to spread your wings and broaden your horizons. Unplug as much as you want and need without apology.


Relationship themes are ready for a major upgrade this week, Libra. It starts with you and asserting your needs without exception for a change. You are so good at adjusting, adapting and accommodating to what everyone else wants and expects from you, but at what cost? Aren’t you starting to feel over it—frustrated and angry to your core? That is all about to change now. The sooner you get real about your true feelings and express them, the better your relationship dynamics will go from this point onward. Death to codependency, Libra. You are one of the most social signs of the zodiac, so don’t let one person drag you away into their world of endless needs.


Count your blessings this week, Scorpio. Life continues to deliver the sweetness and the respect you so deserve. It’s time to take your rightful place on your career throne this week too. The Sun will be moving up to the tip-top of your chart starting on Saturday, putting you in the spotlight for the next month. No more hiding in the shadows just because it’s comfy and private there. Your power is blazing in the world where it belongs this summer. Plus the current Last Quarter lunar cycle is helping you catch up on all of your work deadlines so you can focus on the bigger picture. It might feel exceedingly busy and demanding at the moment, but you’re on the brink of greatness.


You’re coming out of an emotionally challenging few weeks, Sagittarius. You are so ready and deserving of a true vacation. Get thee to the most exotic and healing destination imaginable. Starting this Saturday, you’ll have all the green lights for travel and adventure. Love will follow you wherever you land on your next jaunt. Plus, you do better with those from other cultures always because that’s how you roll. This week’s Last Quarter Lunar cycle is excellent for love and romance. Fall in love all over again with life and your current or brand new flame. Pleasure is your calling.


Relationships took everything you have over the past few weeks. No wonder you’re feeling a bit burnt out and selfish at the moment. It’s not selfish to come back to your own neglected needs, Capricorn. It’s an essential part of rebalancing. It’s time to pull back and assess where you left off with number one. Plus, this week’s Last Quarter Moon cycle is reminding you of what a home body you truly are. Sometimes all you need is quality time away from the world. A little overdue self-care is all you need to feel like you’re living your best summer.


Work has been your constant over the past few weeks, Aquarius. You need a serious break now. Finding time to reconnect with friends and your favorite one-on-one connections is a serious must now to bring back some semblance of balance. This Last Quarter lunar phase could spark some blunt if not rather hostile communication if you’re not careful. You call it necessary honesty, but others could feel attacked by your sharp words. Sugarcoating is never your thing, but do consider the impact of fiery text communications. The Sun will move into your opposite sign and light up your relationship zone starting Saturday. The next month is very social and coupled up.


You’re feeling a desperate need to get grounded this week, Pisces. The last month probably felt like a whirlwind, even if exciting. There is just so much to process and the bills have gotten a bit out of control due to emotional priorities. The current Last Quarter Moon cycle of the week insists you sit down with your bank accounts and find your way back to solid ground. Impulsivity can work for or against you financially. This strange transitional space is about to give way to a new cycle of work starting on the 22nd. Work, health and your daily schedule become your new priorities after a rather romantic spell.

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