Weekly Horoscopes: Jan 30 to Feb 5th, 2017

January 31, 2017




Relationships rule your week, Aries. Venus, the planet of love, beauty and money moves into your stars this Friday for added goodness for the next few weeks. You’re a total attraction magnet now! Plus, you've got the Moon in your firebrand stars between Tuesday and Thursday. Use this section of the week to get what you want as few if any will be able to resist you under the current influence. Use caution in business dealings this week due to the powerful merger between Mercury and Pluto taking place in your career zone. Finally, Jupiter goes retrograde in your relationship zone starting this Sunday. Get ready to rethink or revise your current contracts with others.


Dream big and bold this week, Taurus. The stars are giving you serious courage to go after goals that would normally seem too high risk. That said, you can still errr on the side of conservative when it comes to communication this week. People are extremely sensitive to the power of words and it could feel like you’re being tested. The Moon will move into your stars between Thursday and Sunday giving you an early February high energy surge. On Friday, Venus (your ruling planet) will get you all fired up to pursue long-distance travel adventures. You’ll also notice a new restlessness kick in where you need loads of physical outlets. Just watch your temper.


You’re a total social butterfly this week, Gemini. Prepare for more parties and dinners than your schedule can handle. Avoid double bookings and overcommitting. The key is prioritizing rather than panicking. Communication stakes are high now, especially when money or business ventures are involved. Be sure you know exactly what you want before you lay your cards on the table. When in doubt, write everything out for yourself first. Get into total integrity before making long-term commitments. Your popularity soars after Friday compliments of lovely Venus in your friends zone. The Moon goes into Gemini on Saturday just in time for a glorious weekend filled gab tests and distractions galore!


Your career star is on the rise this week, Cancer. Can you feel the powers backing your big projects now? Don’t hold back from greatness. You’ve been feeling the rise building for weeks, but there’s a new level of sweetness and cash at your disposal now. You can thank the stars for gracing the top of your chart for that, especially Venus now. You’re in high demand which could conflict with the need to retreat into your shell. Prep for epic relationship talks that could either change everything or get you hitched. Be sure you are in it all the way before taking your partnership to the next level. Chances are you have been ready for awhile and this is the moment you’ve been waiting for.


Travel fever hits hard this week, Leo. You need your time in the sunlight after all, darling. The stars are in absolute support of you jetting to someplace warm, exotic and far, far away. Before you pack, be sure to square away and all necessary communications with bosses, co-workers or assistants. The stars are putting pressure on securing all of the details and honoring the integrity of your longer-term contracts and commitments this week. You’re all feeling the pressure to quit or commit if your heart just isn’t in your work all the way. Expect to rethink everything once Jupiter goes retrograde in your house of communication on Sunday.


You’re no delicate flower this week, Virgo. You might even surprise yourself with how little your tolerance and patience are for anyone’s pushy ways. You will absolutely defend your right to freedom and self-expression no matter what this week. The impulsive and feisty side of your nature could catch others off guard but it works for you. You’re more action and less talk now. You have unequivocal support from the stars to stand up for what you believe in and be the authority. You understand the power of using your authority for higher service which is why you seem to keep getting more of it.


Relationships get fiery this week, Libra. As much as you’ll do anything to retain the peace, this week you have no recourse but to go to battle. It will bring the balance you seek. Plus, your loved ones respect you when you finally step out of the passive zone and get real. You can’t always be the one to compromise without severe consequences to your own happiness and wellbeing. Plus, if you’ve been too accommodating for too long, your temper will eventually snap. This is the kind of week where that’s highly likely too. Plus, Jupiter is going retrograde in your stars Sunday. Watch for reversals.


This is the week when you become a total workaholic but love every second of it, Scorpio. It might seem like overkill to others, but when you’re as passionate about what you do as you are, it’s a love affair with your work. Communication is extremely loaded this week, so use extreme care and caution in every word choice. More importantly, check the energy and intention behind your speech. People will feel the vibes behind the words first, even while texting. Jupiter goes retrograde in your sleep and retreat zone starting Sunday. Take that as a major hint: vacation necessary!


Your love life is full of hot, fiery goodness this week, Sagittarius! The stars are bringing the romance and creativity in large supply now. Life should feel more like a love story than a problem to be solved for a lovely change. Trust your raw instincts and just go for what you want. It will be hard to stop you now anyway. Patience (lack of) could be your only pitfall this week. Your current sense of urgency can work either for or against you, depending on timing. Just be sure you don’t jump the gun before doing a little background check on your latest obsession. At least get a second opinion from your mates. You’re more impulsive than ever now when it comes to giving your heart away.


This is a convergence week of passion, intensity and clarity. Your mind is working overtime to put all of the pieces together, but the resulting epiphanies make it all worthwhile. If you are giving yourself headaches from thinking too much, put the planning and plotting on pause so you can get back into balance and into your body. In fact, self-care is primary this week. If you’re out of touch with yourself, you have nothing left to give. You might be rethinking or revamping your career goals after Sunday when Jupiter goes retrograde at the top of your chart.


Communication is all consuming this week, Aquarius. You have so much to say and very little patience or restraint when it comes to waiting your turn to speak. Plus, your words could fly right out of your mouth with rash intensity despite your best attempts to remain somewhat civilized. Your best bet is to write out the raw and aggressive version of what you have to say first, and then edit out any of the offensive bits. Your words can hit hard but you don’t want your intended audience to feel like you’ve personally accosted them with your speech. There’s a balance and you will find it. After Friday, you’ll be able to access the perfect blend of sweet and sassy. Sunday, Jupiter goes retrograde in your travel zone. No wonder you’ve been thinking of revisiting some of your favorite destinations.


Money is taking top priority again this week, Pisces. The brilliant part is that you’re completely transforming your relationship to your finances for the better. When you mix your incredible creativity and ingenuity with a determination to build up your assets, you’re a serious force to be reckoned with. You’re also more willing to take risks than usual under the current stars. You know that if you want the big money pay-off, you have to put yourself out there and be as original and eccentric as possible. You’re an innovator at heart, darling. Your ruling planet, Jupiter goes retrograde this Sunday for the next few months. This invites major personal changes and introspection between now and summer.

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