Weekly Horoscopes July 31 to august 6, 2017

August 02, 2017

This Wednesday's Uranus Retrograde station flips the script in the Aries area of your horoscope. The nature of Uranus is unpredictable, out of the blue and has a way of jolting us awake. This awakening is tied into the upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 7th in Aquarius. Venus has also changed signs and is now in Cancer where Mars just was. Relationships take on a more sensitive and nostalgic tone now.

I'm working on a very special Project 40 called P40.7. It's an intensive version designed to help integrate the energies of the New Moon Solar Eclipse on August 21st. Stay tuned for more details on this site later in the week.

Weekly Horoscopes July 31 to August 6, 2017


Life is erratic, unpredictable and completely charged this week, Aries! Surprises are rather par for the course, so be open and ready for anything and everything. Uranus, the planet of shakeups and breakups is set to go retrograde starting on Wednesday. Good thing you were born for a wild ride. You actually get energized when life is so full-on and upredictable. You can also chalk this up to the build up to eclipse season (officially arriving next week). Your long-term goals and collaborations are at the top of your priority list now. So much is on the verge of massive change.


Take it slow and easy this week, Taurus. The stress levels plus shadow energies are off the charts now. Uranus, the planet ruling all kinds of disruptions and awakenings is going retrograde this week right on the edge of eclipse season. Next week’s Full Moon Lunar eclipse is happening just days before another Mercury Retrograde. No wonder life feels so chaotic. The upside is that you will soon be liberated some of your most stubborn ruts. Eclipse energies are like this. If you’re not willing to let go, situations will force change and growth. It’s your choice and you can totally make the changes gracefully.


You’re not losing your mind—the energies really are that chaotic and crazy at the moment, Gemini. You’re not the only one feeling completely scattered and unfocused but you may be feeling it more than most. That’s because your ruling planet, Mercury is on the edge of another retrograde season. If that’s not enough upheaval, add in the upcoming eclipse which is now only one week away. Crossing into August is like opening a major Pandora’s Box. Get ready to do your shadow work, darling. Major changes are inevitable and good for your growth and self-awareness. Plus, you’re more intrigued with experimentation and breaking the rules now.


The sensitive side of your nature is sensing that it’s a good week to lay low and take cover, Cancer. The planetary energies are so extreme and intense that you’ll need extra space in your schedule just to recover. The more downtown you factor in to your life now, the better for your nervous system. It’s quite dramatic and messy out there. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is already starting to build and rock your world of secrets and intimacy. Watch for information to come to you in very mysterious but powerful ways. Don’t brush off the insights that flood in this week. Major epiphanies will be revealed over the next month.


Relationships could totally throw you for a loop this week, Leo. If you feel completely confused and indecisive around what you want and how you want to partner, wait for the emotional storm that is August to pass. Don’t force anything until true clarity arrives on the scene—which could be anytime, any moment and from any source. . Wednesday’s Uranus Retrograde brings the revelations and crystal clear clarity you’ve been waiting. They might surprise you but they will also wake you up. Next week’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is already overshadowing the energy and putting everyone in a state of uneasiness. Luckily, you can find your strength in any storm. That said, expect drama to reach new levels between this week and the end of August. Relationship commitments are up for the make it or break it test.


You’re not imagining things, the energy is truly bizarre and erratic this week, Virgo. It’s not the kind of thing you can make logical sense of but you can use this strangeness to get more grounded than ever. You’ll need to up your self-care game and create extra space in your schedule for good measure. The intensity is only starting and it’s about to get completely unhinged as of next week’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Plus, this Wednesdays Uranus Retrograde is sure to stir up the status quo and throw everyone for a wild ride. Unpredictability becomes the norm so let go of your ideas of sane and crazy until this weird storm passes. Your physical outlets will be your saving grace, preferably something that requires slow movement and deep breathing.


Stress is inevitable this week, Libra. Relationships are getting put to the test and everyone is acting out due to the incredibly intense pre-eclipse energies. Not only that bur Uranus is about to go retrograde on Wednesday in your house of partnerships. This makes for nothing short of complete surprise and even chaos in your closest one-to-one dynamics. Contracts and commitments come back into review. The indecisive part of your nature could kick in or you could get extremely impulsive to overcompensate. The constant back and forth is hard for you. Sometimes progress is messy and confusing. That’s certainly the case this week. Plus next week’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is stirring up the energy in your love zone. Your creativity is electric and your love life totally wild.


Intensity is the theme of the week, Scorpio. As much as you adore drama, this week you’re better off experimenting with detachment. You’ll need a more distant approach to get a grip on the upcoming eclipse storms. When you step back and look at life as if it were a crazy movie script, the potential aha moments could change your life. Wednesday’s Uranus Retrograde is nothing short of bizarre, erratic and unpredictable. Don’t fall for the surface appearance of the crazy events taking shape now. Keep your eye on some unexpected reversals with work or health. Take exceptional care of yourself now, darling.


Your love life is on fire this week, Sagittarius. Expect the unexpected—that statement will actually make sense this week. Uranus, the planet of surprises and awakenings goes retrograde on Wednesday. Your eyes are wide open and you’re seeing things you never saw before about your love life. The other bonus is your creativity is off the chain. Keeping an open mind and letting the more rebellious side of your personality run the show is what gets you through this bizarre energy portal. Eclipse season looms large now and it’s only a mere matter of days before the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse sweeps in and shakes up the status quo as you’ve known it. This is not just in your life, but collectively as well. Nothing will seem the same by September.


This is the week to clean up your finances, Capricorn. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse energies are brewing and stirring up a messy storm in your money zone. Next Monday’s eclipse sets off a chain of events that have you completely re-evaluating how you do money. Uranus, the planet of chaos and surprises is going retrograde on Wednesday. This little shake-up will affect both financial issues as well as family matters. Do your best to keep life calm in the midst of this storm. Don’t allow others to escalate the drama. Thats the last thing you need or want. When the mayhem kicks in, you’ll need your tough as nails demeanor to see you through.


Hang on to your sanity this week, Aquarius because life is about to get seriously cray-cray. Your ruling planet, Uranus is going retrograde on Wednesday to bring the chaos and the erratic shakes-ups that always precede major breakthroughs. That’s fabulous when you get to the other side, but the interim can be totally maddening. Keep your wits about you. Plus, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is lighting up your stars and only a week away. You are feeling all of this and then some. Watch your words with the utmost care now. Don’t let an impulsive outburst burn bridges. The intensity plus urgency energy can lead to extreme behaviors. Stay cool.


Dreams are directives this week, Pisces. Pay close attention to the messages streaming in regardless of the strange or unexpected form they take. Don't write anything off as insignificant. You are on the brink of a total flip of the script, Pisces. This is just the preview. Next week is the colossal Full Moon Lunar Eclipse setting off your imagination in erratic and potentially mind-blowing ways that lead to genius breakthroughs. If you’re willing to do the deep shadow work required by eclipses, you can truly find yourself tapping into your true potential. Let your eccentric freak side out without fear or shame. It’s what makes you incredibly magnetic and magical.

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