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December 26, 2016




Slow and low is the tempo this week, Aries. It’s tempting and rather easy to lose your cool and your personal possessions compliments of yet another Mercury Retrograde on tap this week. If you’ve been dying to upgrade your career plans and branding, this is your time. After Wednesday, the focus moves to your professional goals. As usual, you’ll be ready to jump-start the competition before 2017. Mars (your ruler) is inducing a poetry in motion feel but watch for slushy emotional scenes. You could suddenly feel more like a bleeding-heart empath than a warrior. Maybe it’s time to take a breather from the battleground.


You might be ready to jet for the holidays this week, but be sure to triple check your itineraries, Taurus. Yep, yet another Mercury Retrograde is in full swing and that means delays, communication snags, lost baggage and missed connections. Take it slow, retrace your steps and expect a few do-overs for the next few weeks. Pay attention to your possessions too for safe keeping. The Sun moves into your travel zone on Wednesday to inspire your next series of adventures. You’ll feel less all over the map during the latter half of the week. Your social life is about to blow up with plans, so pace yourself with enough down time. You hate being rushed.


Communication is quite a disaster this week, Gemini. Another Mercury Retrograde has arrived in time for the holidays. Yup, it’s that time of year again when it’s essential to back up your electronics, double check your receipts, and retrace your steps. It might be harder to slow dow and focus during the holiday hustle, so leave extra time for snags. The Winter Solstice on Wednesday initiates the official passage into winter in the Northern Hemisphere. No wonder your hibernation instincts are kicking in and extra beauty rest is irresistible. Lovely levels of inspiration kick in during the latter half of the week. Career crafting is on your mind from now until 2017.


Relationship talks require your undivided attention and patience this week, Cancer. By all means avoid texting your feelings and any trickier versions of expression that could be taken out of context. When in doubt, wait until you can sit down and have a real heart to heart. The final Mercury Retrograde is in full effect this week and throwing chaos into your communication mix with significant others. If there’s been an important conversation you’ve been avoiding, now is the time to finally work it through (in person only!) The Winter Solstice arrives on Wednesday and puts you into partnership mode for the next several weeks. Finally, travel fever kicks in later in the week breaking you straight out of any homebody habits. You’ve got your eye on adventures galore for 2017!


Your work load is real this week, Libra. Down to the second planning might be your only recourse under such extreme pressure. You can expand time by carving out your schedule by the hour with clear intention and commitment. This will also help you navigate the tricky snags of this week’s big astro event, the final Mercury Retrograde of 2017. You’ll be feeling the chaos mainly in the realm of your day to day scheduling so double check your calendar details often. Paperwork and deadlines could also get a bit messy if you’re not on it, Leo. On a more poetic and romantic note, the last half of the week is perfect for your favorite mode of escape.


Keep calm and carry essential oils this week, Virgo. There’s one final pesky little Mercury Retrograde arriving just in time to throw your holiday plans into chaos and confusion. Flexibility with scheduling and expecting others to forget will save your sanity. You may be rethinking some of your romantic plans over the next few weeks. The best way to deal with the ensuing miscommunications is to avoid complexity and slow down as much as possible. The more time you make for resting, reviewing and retreating, the better. Romance and partnership themes take center stage for the next few weeks. Don’t be surprised if old lovers make an appearance.


Ancient family themes that you thought were archived for the duration have a way of rearing their head this week, Libra. The final Mercury Retrograde is the big astro-event and setting the crazy tone for the week. Communication around family and domestic issues could prove to be more confusing than clarifying. Expect to go over the same topic more than once until everyone is on the same page. On a positive note, the Winter Solstice on Wednesday ushers in positive energy at home over the next few weeks. Spending time with family just feels good (even if you feel like you’re all speaking ten different languages).


Communication is everything this week, Scorpio. Watch your thoughts, words and actions as if your life depended on it. The final Mercury Retrograde kicks in and is sure to throw your world of texting, scheduling and electronics into one snag after another. Keep your wits about you, darling. It’s nothing personal, it’s just messy out there. More levity arrives after the Winter Solstice on Wednesday. You’ll be more apt to see the bright side, despite any recent misunderstandings. The best news of the week is when your romantic and creative worlds get a fabulous planetary boost at the end of the week. The holidays are about to become incredibly dreamy and magical now.


Money is top priority this week, Sagittarius. No more excuses or procrastination maneuvers when it comes to sitting down with the bills and budget. The stars are begging you to sit down and balance that budget before you blow the bank or throw yourself into holiday spending remorse. The final Mercury Retrograde could be creating some annoying chaos around financial details for the next weeks. Stay on top of details and double-check all receipts. On the upside, the Winter Solstice arrives on Wednesday and initiates the next month of positive money-making magic in your stars. As much as you adore adventure and long-distance travel, you’ll be a homebody horse for the next few weeks.


Aim to remain cool, calm and collected this week, Capricorn. The stars will do everything to test your patience now. The true tricky test comes with the Mercury Retrograde in your very own stars (which officially commences on the 19th). If you feel all kinds of backwards, upside down and sideways with your life at the moment, trust that you’re just in a potent little reset before your birthday. On Wednesday, the Sun will grace your stars for the next month at the same time that the Winter Solstice initiates the return of longer days and shorter nights in the Northern Hemisphere. Your energy will be on the rise as well. Communication might be messy with Mercury Retrograde but you won’t be lacking in imagination or poetry.Aquarius:

You’re in your own world and it works for you this week, Aquarius. You want nothing more than as much time as possible to drift, dream and reflect on your bigger soul needs as possible. Add in the latest installment of Mercury Retrograde madness around communication and scheduling, and the idea of taking a break might be the perfect remedy for your holiday survival needs. Less is definitely more now, especially in the realms of texting and emailing. You’re getting so much insight and inspiration from your very own imagination now. You’re rethinking a lot of your plans for 2017 as well. The latter half of the week is perfect for money-making strategies.


Your social world is exciting but chaotic this week, Pisces. The final Mercury Retrograde of 2016 is throwing off your communication with friends and colleagues. Plus, nothing is moving according to original plan. Luckily, you’re the most adaptable sign of the zodiac, and can find creative ways of managing the mess. Your friends will be calling on you for solutions to the point where you’ll be powering off your gadgets on the hour to preserve your sanity. Not to worry, darling—Mars will be energizing your stars until January 27th to give you extra strength and courage to face and conquer anything and everything.

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