The Eclipse Course: Crossing the Rubicon

A 6-module video course to illuminate your eclipse journey of transformation through the Taurus/Scorpio Nodal eclipse season.


Navigate these times of deep transition with empowerment and enlightened awareness

Every 6 months when the Sun and Moon dance with shadow and light, fate and karma, the eclipses illuminate the power of the planetary forces most vividly.

The ancients feared these times as a karmic reckoning for kings and queens. In modern times, we understand eclipses to be powerful portals of transformation for all who are willing to awaken to their insight.

Crossing the Rubicon means reaching a point of no return. We cannot go back to the way things were - internally and externally, physically and spiritually.

Learn the secrets of eclipse wisdom so that you can access your own enlightened power.

This eclipse season is aligned with the Lunar Nodes in Taurus/Scorpio, the axis of transformation. It comes on the heels of Pluto stationing retrograde (profound change), Jupiter conjunct Neptune (expansion of belief) and Saturn square the Lunar Nodes (karmic reckoning) - all of which suggest a time of great potential.

The Eclipse Course: Crossing the Rubicon is a 6-Module video course where you'll explore the astrology of the eclipses, their meaning and evolutionary potential through the power of your consciousness.


The Lunar Nodes in Taurus/Scorpio

Karma, Dharma + Destiny

The nature of the Nodes, Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node) are unpredictable and when unconscious, can behave as poisonous to our bodies and psyches. This is why eclipses are both revered and feared.

We do they know they change us and our lives irrevocably and in ways that seem impossible until we reach the other side. We are never the same and we grow into our full potential by confronting our shadow side.

Rather than fearing eclipse season and the monumental changes they bring, this course will give you the astrological and psychological tools you need to work with these potent shadow energies of alchemical transmutation. 


Eclipse Themes for Personal and Collective Evolution


Taurus North Node

What we are amplifying or obsessed with:

Security / Survival
The long haul
Our voice

Scorpio South Node

What we are releasing:

Stages of death and grieving
Shadow work
Control isssues
Sex-Emotional Intimacy
Other people’s money

Eclipses hold incredible spiritual potential as it is said that a mantra or intention held during an eclipse is multiplied by 1000.


Course Overview

Lesson 1 | Preparing to Cross the Rubicon

In this opening lesson, Sherene Vismaya discusses the theme emerging at this time of massive planetary convergence. In times of uncertainty, we need greater clarity on our own inner vision. The eclipses invite us to step into the river of change and toward a new future.

Lesson 2 | The Eclipse Vortex

  • Christina will present an astrological overview of eclipse seasons of 2022.
  • Delve into the significance of the eclipse vortex and their potency for inner work, re-alignment to destiny, shadow illumination and regeneration.
  • We'll offer suggestions on how to support yourself with holistic self-care during eclipse season.

Lesson 3 | Taurus Solar Eclipse

  •  Discover how this New Moon Solar Eclipse conjunct the North Node/Rahu plants the seeds for tectonic shifts in the Taurus arena of our horoscope for the next six months.
  • The Hierophant inspires deep listening, faith, healing, mentorship and healers.
  • The Empress is our connection to beauty, creativity, growth, Mother Nature, and love.
  • We'll preview of the epic Mars-Uranus-North Node (Rahu) conjunction in August.

Lesson 4 | Your Soul Map Activation

  • In this Lesson, you'll learn to become your own astrologer and investigate how the eclipses will activate the Soul Map of your Natal Chart.
  • You'll learn significant themes of change and transformation that emerge when eclipses activate your Natal Chart by House, Planets and Angles.
  • Discover longer-term eclipse storylines that emerge from eclipse patterns that guide your destiny over your lifetime.

Lesson 5 | Eclipse Intention Setting

In this 2-part session, we explore in real-time the current Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse charts so that you can gain clarity on your Taurus intentions and Scorpio emotional processing.

Lesson 6 | Scorpio Lunar Eclipse

  • Explore the transformational Scorpio Tarot archetypes of Death and the Tower.
  • Letting go is the big theme of this Lunar Eclipse. We’ll be clearing out the toxic patterns in our emotional bodies and psyches. Our fears of loss and letting go come to the forefront now. With every death is a rebirth and Scorpio teaches us the power of regeneration.
  • The shadows of Mars are highlighted, including jealousy, possessiveness and competition - powerful energies of transmutation.
  • This eclipse balances the creative growth of Taurus by destroying that which was getting excessive, greedy, or too ego-based. Scorpio teaches us about the impermanence of life and the power of vulnerability in the face of change, loss and lack of control


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