New Year Horoscopes 2017

Mars and Neptune merge which can certainly bring out the hopeless  mess in all of us…. but better that than hopelessness! Stay grounded, take deep breaths and watch for the 8th when Mercury Retrograde shifts. It’s rather wobbly this week, but if we go slow, retrace our steps, and simplify as much as possible, love will prevail!

Here’s a quick interview I did with KRON 4 in San Francisco about the year ahead:



Horoscopes for the Week of

January 2-8th, 2016 by Sherene Vismaya


Welcome to 2017, Aries! So much is shifting and the year has only just begun. First off, you are craving serious solo time. You’ve got both Mars and Venus stacking up in your house of sleep, dreams and retreat this week making the thought of hiding under the covers extremely appealing. The Mercury Retrograde is still going strong and creating major confusion in the communication department. Plus, travel delays continue. After Wednesday, people might be even more blunt with their tongue (including you). Watch your thoughts and words with the utmost vigilance this week, darling. Opinions are a beautiful thing, but everyone has one.


It’s a New Year and a whole new world, Taurus. Your social life is at the top of your priority list this week. Friends, collaborators and networking galore is where it’s at. You’ll find the most sweetness when in the company of your best mates. This is definitely not a week to go solo. That said, communication is still tricky due to the last few days of Mercury Retrograde. Conversations can too easily turn to chaos and even fights when opinions clash. When in doubt, agree to disagree, Taurus. There’s really no reason to force an issue at the expense of a relationship.


2017 is off to a fast and furious start, Gemini. First off, your career is getting a super sweet boost of energy starting this week. Use those visionary powers for stellar dreaming and scheming. You will have more than enough inspiration to see you through for the next few weeks. Communication is still messy with significant others due to the last week of the Mercury Retrograde. It’s always good to double check that the other party actually understood what you were trying to say. When in doubt, say it twice and better yet—deliver it in person so they can read your body language too.


2017 is here and the wanderlust is setting the stage right from the get-go. The travel longing started late last year and just seems to be getting stronger despite your classic homebody tendencies. You’re actually dying for a major change in scenery, and the further away (read: exotic and warm) the better. Communication has been extremely tricky over the past few weeks, but you’ll be happy to feel that shifting as Mercury Retrograde is almost over. Now it’s important to be mindful about exchanges with coworkers and anyone who works for you as the misunderstandings are more likely to occur in that arena. Make sure you are not misquoted.


It’s 2017—finally! You’re feeling super psyched on getting everything on your to-do list into the world as quickly as possible. You’ll have all the energy and creativity necessary to go-go-go for the next few weeks. The only tricky area continues to be communication. Lovers or loved ones could be especially confusing this week with mixed messages. Just because they seem totally emphatic with what they have to say doesn’t mean they have any idea what they are talking about. Mercury is still in retrograde after all. When in doubt, clarify and have the conversation again (preferably in person).


2017 is here—let the projects and list-making begin! Your hyper “do do do” mode hits the scenes immediately. That’s because your current list of dreams is endless and there are only 365 days in 2017. Plus, your relationships are going to be vying for most of your time and energy over the next few weeks. It’s easy to lose track of where your life ends and another’s needs begins, so you’ll need a firm grip on your own planner. Mercury Retrograde is almost over but this week could be one of the worst when it comes to confusion, messes and other mishaps. Chaos around the domestic front is especially prominent now, so don’t be surprised if you spiral into neurotic control-freak mode in an attempt to keep it altogether.


It’s 2017 and there is no rest for the weary, Libra! That’s because you’ve got big plans. You prefer a more balanced and relaxing schedule, but alas daily life is extremely demanding. Luckily, it’s just as inspiring and glamorous as it is non-stop. You’ll have to enforce regular downtime to retain your much valued equipoise. The Mercury Retrograde is in its final week which means messy but almost over. Your own personal communication is especially affected this week, so focus more on listening and less on preaching. When your opinions feel especially strong, bite your tongue—just for the time being, darling. Discord is inevitable when so much miscommunication is in the air.


Money rules your world in 2017. This week is no exception. In fact, the obsession with getting your financial arena in tip-top shape reaches new heights now. You have x-ray vision into how you can best revamp your overall banking strategies this week, so take full advantage of this insight. Sit down with your accounting records and let the magic begin. On a more glamorous note, your love and creative life is getting a fabulous boost from Mars for the next few weeks. Pleasure is your end all be all, but why let that take you out financially?


Ready, set—-2017, Sagittarius! You made sure you were at the top of your game before 2016 was over. All of your hard work and perseverance are totally paying off all year long and this is only the beginning. That said, you’re probably in dire need of some rest and retreat time now. It’s almost like you needed to cross the threshold of the New Year before you could give yourself permission to slow down. You’ll be especially enamored of your home, bed and bath over the next few weeks. Don’t guilt-trip yourself if you need to recoup at home for a minute.


Your season has arrived, Cappie. The beginning of the New Year is always your fave and your best time to shine. You have the Sun lighting up your stars and you’re all about the big dreams now. Of course the current Mercury Retrograde in your sign has been slowing you down more than you’d like, but it’s also allowed you to review, revise and revamp your entire image in a way that makes you so 2017 ready! Plus, this is the final week of Mercury Retrograde. Communication gets sweeter and even borders on sheer poetry this week. You’re poetry in motion.


It has finally arrived, Aquarius! Just when you thought 2016 would never quit. You might still be peering out from under the covers not quite ready to make the jump. Nothing wrong with that. Sometimes a little retreat time is the perfect prep for stellar success. Communication with friends could be a bit off this week due to the Mercury Retrograde finale (almost finished!) This is actually an excellent week to get your finances together. Sit down long enough to feel creative about your current money situation. Accounting doesn’t have to be drudgery and depression. You can even make numbers magical and fun.


Welcome to a year that is no longer 2016, Pisces! The stars are totally lighting up your world in sweet and energizing ways from the onset this year! Venus in Pisces is bringing the beauty, love and extra cash to get you off on the right foot. Plus, you still have Mars powering up your constellation fortifying you with courage and determination to stay on top of your physical game and blow away the competition. Of course you never consider yourself a competitive person, but why not strive for excellence regardless? The Mercury Retrograde is ALMOST finished. Hang tight for one last week of potential communication chaos.

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