December 16, 2017


Sherene is teaming up with rising stars in the beauty industry, Coco Alexander and Jason Alex, to host Venus Makeover. This special event is devoted to the merger of beauty and astrology. The trio of artists will work together to design and create a unique look just for you based on the Venus placement in your natal chart.






** Please note, due to prep, tickets must be purchased in advance - no tickets will be sold at the door **

The event is exclusively limited to six privately customized makeover sessions tailored to your astrology and venus placement.

Your session will begin with an astrology reading with sherene, followed by consultations with coco and jason. your custom venus makeover will be accompanied with chocolates and champagne in the privacy of sherene's residence.

appointments begin at 12:00 pM and end at 5:00 Pm. please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time. 


Sherene Schostak, M.A. is a Jungian Analyst and astrologer in private practice for the past eighteen years. She has been the Resident Astrologer for ElleUK since 2005 and also writes the horoscopes for Anne Taylor, LOFT. She specializes in depression, anxiety, creative blocks, life transitions, eating disorders, and relationships. She is the author of several books including: Speculation Now; Transpersonal Astrology: Explorations at the Frontier; & Surviving Saturn’s Return (McGrawHill).  She is currently based in San Francisco but teaches workshops internationally.

Coco Alexander began his career in San Francisco at Joseph Cozza and is currently a stylist at the Archer Salon. His fascination with the fundamentals of shape and geometry greatly influence his work. A rising star in the industry, Coco's clients include a roster of talents including Chantelle Paige and Emma Roberts.

Jason Alex is originally from Hawaii, where he studied makeup artistry at the Susan Page Modeling Agency in Honolulu. He currently resides in the Bay Area where he is pursing his passion of beauty education, helping other artists elevate their vision. Jason has previously worked with Macy's and Mac Cosmetics, and is now a core artist at Sephora. His work has been featured in Refinery29, 7Hues Magazine, and LADYGUNN Magazine.

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