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Mysticism and the Unconscious

My work is devoted to taking my clients into their depths from a foundation of rigorous Jungian Psychoanalysis and incorporating  wisdom of Eastern spirituality, somatic-trauma work and the esoteric healing arts. Through a powerful combination of modalities, together we will untangle the psychological complexes of the psyche-subtle body which lock us into self-defeating cycles, projections and patterns. This work courageously and compassionately delves into the traumas that keep our lives stuck on repeat. Activating the archetypal language of the psyche in searc of the Self, life becomes filled with divine synchronicty, depth, purpose and meaning. 

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Project 40

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Experiential Online

Imagine working with a group of kindred spirits to delve into your most relentless addiction, negative pattern or block for 40 days and 40 nights.

Project 40 is a series of 40-day email-driven group programs. For each program we choose a topic, and bring together experts and a dedicated group of truth-seekers for an extended virtual sojourn that gives us a chance to dig deep beneath the surface, pushing ourselves each day to uncover new truths in our lives.


P40 DOWNLOAD: Each Project 40 results in an ebook’s worth of exploration and wisdom that you can use to take the journey yourself on your own schedule.

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P40 LIVE: We live out each Project 40 in real time. The next P40 is coming this Spring!

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One-on-one mentoring by application

Join Jungian Analyst, Astrologer and Author, Sherene Vismaya for a 12-month Initiation in the Jungiain Healing Arts. We’ll weave the healing arts of astrology, dream-work, tarot, polarity therapy, somatic psychology,and vital counseling skills into a compendium of resources to support, nourish and inspire you regardless of your field or background.

For more information, email us: support@sherenevismaya.com

Everyone should get a reading with my personal astrologer, Sherene Vismaya. She's fantastic!

-William Patrick Corgan  (Chicago)



 Sherene’s unconventional Jungian inspired approach to our therapeutic process spoke to my creative spirit. She was able to hold our work in a safe container that allowed me to explore
all of my past and present and gave me the ability to see my potential future too. Once I began this transformational work with her, I shared it (Sherene) with everyone I knew! All of my good friends in the business saw Sherene and you could see the immense impact of her work.  
After over a decade of analysis with Sherene, I can say that I still have tools and inspiration I hold/carry with me today. This work is priceless! 

If this important work with sherene had not taken place, I know I would not have ended up where I am today. I am blessed to be in a successful loving, supportive marriage and had a ‘dream come true’ career.
I continue to ‘find myself’ and ‘reinvent' myself on a daily basis and give so much of the credit to Sherene. 

Missy Zimmer-hubbard Cincinatti, Ohio

"I follow you religiously; thank you for helping me navigate my way through life each month."

lisa veronica (of the veronicas) Queensland, AUSTRALIA

Joining P40 was like entering into a sacred architecture where my dreams were allowed to have the space and life necessary to be present in waking life. There was an undeniable power in joining this synergistic group on an inner journey together, fellow travelers united in our mission.  I have never remembered my dreams so well nor been so connected to the riches of my own subconscious. It was a fascinating time, much like the story of the particle in quantum physics; the act of paying attention transforms. The transformation occurred within my dream world, and then it occurred within myself as I took part in the journey, uncovering treasures along the way and discovering hidden worlds within. It truly felt like just the beginning of a new inner dialogue. I highly recommend you treat yourself to this rich experience.”

Andrea j. walker  Seattle, WASHINGTON


"The Project 40 experience has been so deep and so profound for me that I'm finding it difficult to come up with words. I've been participating in Project 40 for 3 years and just signed up for my 12th round. I have become addicted to the protective circle and liminal quality of being in Temenos, being able to bare my soul and be as honest with myself and the group as I feel drawn to. Sherene creates a safe bubble around us and encourages us to be as bold, messy and naked as we dare." 

Shivani Bignell Bend, OR

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The P40 Podcast is devoted to furthering the conversation on Jungian psychology, astrology, art and alchemy.



New and Full Moon forecasts plus other significant astrological updates and Jungian Psychology themed discussions.