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What is the Self engineering in this lifetime? What has the soul come to master? What is our purpose in this incarnation? Who are we at the most fundamental level of our being? If we were fully individuated, who would we be? What would that look like? What is our vast potential in our career, relationships, creative expression? These are just a few questions that the horoscope can answer.

The art of the horoscope interpretation is not something one can get from a cookbook computer-generated report. 

Sherene has twenty-two years of experience as a Jungian Analyst and professional astrologer in private practice in New York City and San Francisco, plus teaching at astrology conferences and private retreats all over the world. 

Sherene's readings focus on uncovering life themes, relationship patterns, and karmic cycles by interpreting the wisdom of your horoscope in the powerful language of archetypes.

The psychic mandala of the horoscope reveals your deepest entrenched soul patterns, psychological complexes and potentail for a meaningful life lived in alignment with your soul's calling.

You can book readings online ZOOM/ or FaceTime or telephone (for domestic calls only, international please use ZOOM or FaceTime).

One reading is often compared to the insight gained in a year or more of therapy sessions. Yes, the horoscope is that powerful of a tool to self understanding. 

At the end of Jung’s life he said he wished he had studied more astrology as it is an invaluable and illimitable source of information about the Self.


The horoscope is a genius geometrical map outlining very intricate potentials of each individual psyche — a psychic blueprint. My love affair with astrology only grew deeper as my interests expanded into the realm of depth psychology beginning with Freud and then quickly leading to my life-long obsession with Carl Jung. Many of my heroes, including Jackson Pollock and Martha Graham, had a Jungian analyst during the peak of their career. Jungian analysis is not about ‘fixing’ people but rather unearthing each person’s authentic potential. By undertaking the long and arduous journey to the authentic Self often lying dormant beneath layers of a socially acceptable persona, parental complexes, and darker shadow material that many of us don’t dare touch with a 10-foot pole, we can discover our own gold.But many of us don’t want to open up the Pandora’s Box of the unconscious until it comes knocking. But rarely is ignorance bliss these days.

Addictions, breakups and other dramatic catastrophes force us to wake up and take a deeper look at ourselves, what we want, and where we are going in our lives.Jungian/Archetypal Psychology, Astrology and Movement create a powerful combination to unleash the deeper mysteries and infinite potential of the psyche.

You’ve seen those overly generalized astrology reports …, getting your horoscope read is NOT the same as getting a computer generated report…
Why is that? 
There is something that happens when we sit down for an astrology reading that is part scientific and part magical.
Where you exit armed with self-knowledge, understanding the potential opportunities that lie ahead in your near future, and start living your day-to-day with a greater sense of priority and purpose in life. 
The astrology readings work so well, that I’ve had clients compare a single astrology reading to the insight they gained in over a year of therapy sessions. 
Each one is different, it all depends on how your natal chart (your unique astrological signature) interacts with the chart of the moment, and most importantly the questions that you bring to the session.

What we cover is up to you, some of your questions may include:
Can I finally get over my negative relationship patterns and find the person of my dreams? Who would that person look like?
How can I step into the career that I know will enrich my soul?
Is there a bigger purpose for my life? (hint: yes, we can actually reveal that through your astrology chart)
What is my true potential when it comes to the work that I’m meant to do in the world? 
So, the question I have for you is…
What is the area of your life that you’re stuck on, confused about, or need guidance? 
Bubbling beneath that “stuck” feeling is a world of potential and a much better life you can tap into. (sooner than you think)
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