We work together to bring unconscious elements, ancestral legacy, and unlived potential to consciousness through a deep exploration of the inner world of the psyche.

Together we will delve into the imaginal world, dreams, astrology, somatic and symbolic work and explore your deepest longings, repetitive patterns, addictions, fears, choices, losses, shadow material and soul questions.


Those who wish to delve deep in a more classic psychoanalytic structure can work up to three times a week.

This requires a commitment of at least six months with a minimum of weekly sessions.

This service is subject to availability as Sherene only takes on five psychoanalytic clients at any one time.

For me, the horoscope is a genius geometrical map outlining very intricate potentials of each individual psyche — a psychic blueprint. My love affair with astrology only grew deeper as my interests expanded into the realm of depth psychology beginning with Freud and then quickly leading to my life-long obsession with Carl Jung. Many of my heroes, including Jackson Pollock and Martha Graham, had a Jungian analyst during the peak of their career. Jungian analysis is not about ‘fixing’ people but rather unearthing each person’s authentic potential. By undertaking the long and arduous journey to the authentic Self often lying dormant beneath layers of a socially acceptable persona, parental complexes, and darker shadow material that many of us don’t dare touch with a 10-foot pole, we can discover our own gold. But many of us don’t want to open up the Pandora’s Box of the unconscious until it comes knocking. But rarely is ignorance bliss these days. Addictions, breakups and other dramatic catastrophes force us to wake up and take a deeper look at ourselves, what we want, and where we are going in our lives.Jungian/Archetypal Psychology, Astrology and Movement create a powerful combination to unleash the deeper mysteries and infinite potential of the psyche.

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