Using movement as a form of active imagination, self expression and deep somatic healing The sacred circles of the authentic movement workshops act as a powerful crucible whereby the mover and the witnesses in the circle are mutually transformed. Jung considered the circle as a symbol of the Self, a sacred mandala and thus it is an intuitive form that many rituals have taken place over the centuries. The circle holds the energy and creates a sacred space with the center acting as the fire of transformation where anything can happen. Each person gives themselves up to the power of that moment of entering the center of the center of the space. There is absolutely no judgment, and self-consciousness is not an issue because we are all holding and being held by the same transformational crucible. We are all in it together (the perceiver and the perceived are one), and each circle is unique, working it’s magic on every individual creating it, depending on the specific archetypes invoked during each particular workshop.

Sherene has pioneered monthly Jungian Authentic Movement Workshops since 1999 in Chinatown using authentic meditative movement inspired by the current planetary influences coursing through the body and psyche. The timeless and powerful ritual of dance becomes one of the most transformative containers to release inhibiting thoughts and repressed emotions and to reunite the psyche, body and spirit. How do we awaken the archetypes that exist within each of us? It’s not a question of whether they do indeed exist within our psyches, but how conscious and grounded we are to enable them to channel through us to inspire and create great things. When we block these potent energies, we become blocked in every area of life. The current epidemic of soul starvation is a result of only allowing a tiny fraction of our true conscious potential to flow.

Workshops begin with

ritual elements such as meditation, chanting of sacred mantras. This is followed by a brief discussion and exploration of the current archetypal themes as reflected in the planetary cycles and their relationship to specific emotional issues. By acknowledging significant outer events in the world and their astrological correlates, we link outer and inner reality. Archetypes of the zodiac that comprise each workshop’s central theme are invoked through imagery work. Relaxation, breath work, and yoga postures are incorporated into the physical warm-up portion of the workshop to open up energy pathways—getting out of the head and into the gut, and ultimately to the truth in our bones.

The power of the witness/container of the circle:

“The perceiver and perceived are one.”
“Each instant of movement is the instant of creation.”

—Marion Woodman.


A Numinous Experience.We are all longing for an experience with the ‘numinous’–a quality of feeling we are in the presence of something greater than ourselves.

We hope that something inspires a feeling of being totally alive, in awe or in the presence of something powerfully sacred. When this feeling is lacking, we feel restless, bored, unfulfilled, and crucified by a feeling that nothing is changing.

When life feels devoid of meaning, it’s important to figure out which archetypes are not being fed and resolve to discover new ways to feed them.

This workshop has been taught in cities all over the world:
Madrid, Morocco, Capri, Kerala, San Francisco, LA, Cincinnati, Ocho Rios, Tulum, Seattle, Sedona, and NYC to name a few of my faves.

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